Discover Senegal in one week

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The Afrocentric Journey is a unique opportunity to discover Africa!

Get your passport ready and come discover in one week the most advanced country on the West African coast, located in the intertropical zone where the weather is always nice, Senegal is closer to the United States and with a direct flight it will take 8 hours to get there. 

Immerse yourself in the Senegalese culture, the country of hospitality where people are very welcoming and will say hello to you even if it is the first time they see you.

You will stay in luxurious 5 star hotels with a superb view of the Atlantic Ocean.

You will have the opportunity to visit Dakar with its monuments and museums which make the decoration of the capital of Senegal and which abounds in splendid beaches which you will be able to benefit from because on April the sun will be smiling right on your face, beaches in Dakar are the ideal place to make yoga or meditation in the morning. 

You will bargain in the Dakar markets where you can find almost everything, haggling is part of the culture. The nightlife in Dakar is a unique experience with nightclubs to enjoy.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most delicious cuisines of West Africa, the color and smell will be there. You will be welcomed with « Thiebou Dieune », the best Senegalese dish made of rice, fish and many vegetables, a very rich dish. The most popular local juices are hibiscus « bissap », baobab seeds called « Bouye », Ditakh and tamarind.

After meals the Senegalese are used to drinking sweet tea called ATAYA, which is an important part of the culture.