5 Reasons you should travel to Senegal, West Africa’s most visited destination.

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With a population of 16 million people and Dakar as capital, Senegal is located on the extreme western tip of Africa, it is the most advanced part of the Atlantic Ocean. This strategic geographic location places Senegal at the forefront of foreign investment and trade opportunities in the region. Senegal connects Africa to the rest of the world; it also serves as an important gateway to major export markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Here are 5 Reasons you must add Senegal to your travel bucket list

1. The spirit of Teranga (Hospitality)

Senegal is the land of Teranga, which refers to all the values of hospitality, sharing and solidarity of the Senegalese. Senegalese people are renowned worldwide to be friendly and welcoming, they are generous hosts, that’s the spirit of Teranga.

This latest is a state of mind, a cultural treasure shared despite ethnic (Wolof, Serer, Toucouleur, Diola, Mandingo…) and religious (Islam, Christianity, animism) differences. It expresses the will to live together of this heterogeneous people and its various communities.

It is the welcoming of the other, the fact of greeting him, of offering to share a thieboudiene or a chicken yassa, or to drink the ataya (Senegalese mint tea).

2. Stable and Safe to visit

Senegal is renowned as a political exception in Africa. Among the 54 African countries, 44 have had military coup d’état. Senegal is part of the rare countries to have never experienced a military coups d’état. It is a stable democracy! Senegal is one of the most stable countries in Africa. All three political alternations since independence in 1960 have been peaceful.

The capital, Dakar, is home to a large number of international organizations and companies due to its security and ideal location.

The level of crime is very low, violence and robberies are very uncommon against tourists.

3. Various attractions / Entertainment

Senegal has magnificent beaches. The capital Dakar is surrounded by water, it is called the Cape Verde peninsula. Sunbathing is very pleasant in Dakar but extends to the Petite Côte in Mbour to the south in Casamance with different settings. In addition to beaches, there are many islands and each one of them is unique. There is also the pink lake (Lake Retba) which is one of the saltiest lake in the world.

Senegal is home to the Black African Civilization Museum where there is exhibitions of Black culture and icons all around the world ,and many other museums where you can learn about Senegalese art, artifacts, culture, religions, history and science.

Senegal has 

4. Rich Culture

Senegal is very rich in term of culture, what explains that is the many ethnic groups that compose it and each one of ethnic groups have their particularity, their clothing style, food, dialect and customs. There are Wolofs, Serer, Diolas, Mandinkas, Pulaar and many more. This diversity instead of being a source of separation is in fact something that plays a vital role in the country’s security. It is called “Cousinage à plaisanterie” which means Joking Cousinhood, for example the Pulaar might say to Serers (both ethnic groups) that they like to eat too much and then the Serer would say that the Pulaar people should respect them because they are their kings, all in a pleasant mood without any offenses.

Wrestling or Laamb in wolof is the national sport in Senegal. Since the 2000s, it has developed in an extraordinary way, it has been made more attractive with the rise of new champions and occupied an important place in the lives of the Senegalese people.

5. Senegalese soul Cuisine

Senegalese cuisine is one of the richest in West Africa. There is a whole lot of things going on at meal times, eating in the same big bowl is an opportunity for everyone to get together but also a good time for elders to share values with young people.

The food is very tasty and fragrant and some Senegalese eat with hand! Thanks to its location by the sea, it goes without saying that fish has a special place in the country’s cuisine. You will find all kinds of fish in all dimensions cooked in different ways! A real treat for the taste buds!

Senegalese cuisine has such an effect on visitors that as soon as you meet someone who has visited Senegal, the first thing they talk about is food. 

Senegal welcomes visitors from all walks of life due to its geographical location, its culture including the spirit of Teranga, its many attractions but also its stability and security. These factors give Senegal a competitive advantage over other countries in West Africa. Senegal has very early understood that culture and a variety of attractions can be a huge engine of development that is why the government has embarked on very ambitious projects that sell the destination Senegal and open doors for foreign investment.

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